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Welcome to Hashmat Medical & Dental College

A welcome to the students who want to add horn themselves with the knowledge of Medicine, Health and Care. Establishment of HM&DC at Jalal Pur Jattan, Gujrat to spread medical education in the remote areas. This Medical College guarantees a capricious hospital Under the guidance of Prof. Doctors who spread their effective knowledge to the students of medicine. It will help us ti fulfill the medical and hygienic needs of our society. The focus of this system will be on research and diagnostic process. New medical techniques will be involved to control all the modern diseases.

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Message of the Principal

On behalf of the faculty, staff members and students of the college, I extend a very warm welcome to parents and students considering admission in Hashmat Medical & Dental College. Hashmat Medical & Dental College is a non-profitable, non-governmental, non-political & social organization, for the welfare of humanity, based on community empowerment.

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